Dear CRH Member,

Thank you for participating in our survey and joining the CRH Membership list.

A total of 137 persons responded to the survey. We will alert these people and begin the process of electing CRH governance. It will be the responsibility of new elected officials to move CRH forward in terms of how to manage future meetings and the overall direction of our members. We welcome any persons with an interest in the future of CRH to join these discussions and play an active role.

Six members have taken it upon themselves to facilitate this process. The co-chairs from the 2016, 2018, and 2020 CRH conferences.

RRS is currently in need of two members to sit as non voting members of the RRS council to represent CRH interests and begin the planning for the 2020 RRS meeting, which will include an epidemiology component. Harry Cullings and Lydia Zablotska (as 2020 CRH co-chairs) have graciously agreed to do this on a temporary basis until we have elected officials.

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