Dear CRH attendee,

We have just completed the 2018 Conference on Radiation and Health (CRH) meeting in Chicago and would like to alert you to important changes happening in the Radiation Epidemiology community. The purpose of this communication is to encourage you to join a CRH membership list to respond to these changes as a community.

On September 22, 2018, the Radiation Research Society (RRS) Council voted to add Epidemiology as a fifth discipline in their society (the other disciplines are Biology, Physics, Medicine, and Chemistry). The necessary changes to their bylaws will take about two years to put in place. After the new bylaws have been ratified, the Epidemiology discipline will have two seats on the RRS Council and will hold the Presidency every 5 years. RRS has invited CRH to appoint two non-voting members to the RRS Council to guide them during this transition. Lydia Zablotska and Harry Cullings, as newly elected chairs of the CRH conference, will serve as our non-voting Councilors until an elected CRH governing board can be formed. The board will then appoint representatives to RRS Council.

RRS Council also informed us that concurrent RRS/CRH meetings will no longer be possible starting in 2020. However, they welcome an expanded presence of Epidemiology at their meetings. To that end, they have invited CRH-affiliated members of the 2019 RRS Program Committee (John Boice, Steve Simon, and Sally Amundson) to work with the new co-chairs on developing an Epidemiology Symposium for the San Diego meeting in November 2019. The format of the RRS 2020 meeting, which will include Epidemiology as the 5th discipline, still needs to be negotiated. This will be a primary task of the governing board and the designated CRH representatives to the RRS Council.

These RRS proposals inevitably force the CRH community to make important decisions in the coming months. We need to decide whether CRH will continue to have independent meetings, merge with RRS under the plan proposed by RRS, or find a hybrid path. Recently, an independent organization which deals with organizing conferences for government, came forward and offered their services to organize a stand-alone CRH meeting, which would be one possible path for future CRH meetings.

During the CRH business meeting on September 25, 2018, attendees agreed that it is time to create a CRH governing board to tackle these important questions. As the new and past co-chairs of the CRH meeting, we would like to develop a CRH Membership List. Membership is open to anyone. Therefore, please forward this email to other parties that may not have received it. Once a membership list has been established, we will begin an open process to mutually decide on the future of the CRH by undertaking the following steps:

  1. Gather ideas on the governing board structure.
  2. Collate the suggestions for structure and send to members for comment
  3. Vote on the structure
  4. Nominations for the officers (including self-nominations) will be solicited
  5. Send the list of candidates to the membership
  6. Elect officers

If you would like to join the CRH Membership List, please register by responding to the following survey which is estimated to take less than 3 minutes:

(Note: it may be necessary to copy the preceding link and paste it into your browser.)

This is the final reminder.

Thank you,

Lydia B. Zablotska and Harry Cullings, current CRH Co-Chairs
Mike Weil and Eric Grant, Co-Chairs of the 2018 CRH
Jonine Bernstein and David Pawel, Co-Chairs of the 2016 CRH

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