canada actor puneet raj kumar who died of a heart attack

kanada actor puneet raj kumar who died of a heart attack

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well breaking news uh that’s coming in

at the moment uh karnataka chief

minister basavaraj bommai has tweeted that

actor puneet raj kumar has indeed died

of a heart attack he was 46 years old he

suffered a heart attack earlier today

and was admitted to the vikram hospital

in bengaluru he was in the icu he was given

a cardiac resuscitation we have

bhasavaraj puma the chief minister there


the death of canada actor puneet raj

kumar that’s the tweet that’s been put

out he says in the tweet and i quote i’m

deeply shocked that kannada celebrity

sripunit raj kumar died of a heart

attack the death of kannadigar’s

favorite actor appu has caused enormous

loss to the kannada and uh karnataka i

pray that god will have mercy on his

soul and give his fans the power to

endure this pain maya sharma is with us

on the phone line maya pasaraj bomai

they’re tweeting

informing about uh

canada actor puneet raj kumar who died of a heart attack

he was just 46 years old

very very tragic news for karnataka for

all the fans of puneet raj kumar this

young actor who has died too soon he was

rushed to the hospital after suffering a

heart attack after working out this

morning he was taken to the vikram

hospital in the heart of the city and



he was brought to the emergency

department with a history of chest pain

at 11 40 a.m this morning the hospital

said he was non-responsive and was in

cardiac asus stolen advanced cardiac

resuscitation was initiated but he could

not be saved and official confirmation

now from chief minister bashar al-assad

saying that he has gone the hospital

also announcing it now earlier as well

several people had sent their

condolences treated their condolences

whether it was politicians like former

chief minister bsed europa and

siddharamiyah and ppcc chief dk show

kumar also cricketers virender sewag

venkatesh prasad anil khan

also expressing their grief at the loss

of this young star he was 46 years old

he was known for his fitness he was

apparently extremely upset from the look

of it a child staff in iraq

also was successful as an adult star as

well he was of course from that

prominent family his father raj kumar

who died several years ago was much

beloved of the state of karnataka and

his three sons shivaraj kumar raghavan

raj kumar nitraj kumar all went into the

film industry his eldest brother

shivaraj kumar is also a huge star today

puneet was also tremendously successful

and the outpouring of grief from people

is also because of his personality he

was also a very much light person a very

humble and down-to-earth person when one

interacted with him he was also very

popular in his personal capacity as well

because of the way he was but we’re

hearing lots of tributes we’ve got

i think extremely sad to know of the

passing away of our dear puni raj kumar

virendra saywak saying chad is here

about the passing away warm and humble

his passing was a great blow to indian


uh anil kumble also tweeted earlier his

sorrow shocked and deeply saddened on

the passing of the meet rajkumar the

film industry has lost a gem one of the

finest human beings i’ve met so vibrant

and humble gone too soon politicians

also tweeting their condolences a huge

crowd gathered outside the vikram

hospital which is right in the center of

the city very close to the vinaya powder

it gathered soon after the news of his

being admitted happened and that crowd

is there also now a good police presence

as well to keep the peace to make sure

there are no untoward incidences but so

for things are peaceful it’s more a

feeling of grief in people that this

actor has gone much much too early only

46 years old the much loved punitive

earlier today following a heart attack

following a massive heart attack

all right and well there are messages of

uh you know condolences tweets that are

pouring in from

you know leaders political leaders the

chief minister of course tweeting their

fellow actors politicians ministers

they’ve all been tweeting messages of

condolences mayan like we’ve been saying

that it is extremely shocking for fans

uh for his family understandably he was

just 46 years old 46 years old and he

was you know extremely fit

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