dev uthani ekadashi 2021 puja vidhi
dev uthani ekadashi 2021 puja vidhi

Dev Uthani Ekadashi 2021 Puja Vidhi, Mantra Today Dev Uthani Important updates

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Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2021 Wedding celebrations with Devuthani Ekadashi begin to ring

Let’s learn about the wedding muhurat of the month of November

Shubh Vivah Muhurat November 2021

Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik Mas is called Devuthani Ekadashi. On the day of Devuthani Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu completes

four months of sleep and the chatur mas concludes. From the day of Devuthani Ekadashi, marriage work etc. begins, that is, the

echo of the shehnais that have been lying closed for the last four months begins to re-hear. This time the Dev Uthani Ekadashi will

be celebrated by smart people on Sunday, 14th November 2021 and will be celebrated by Vaishnava sect on Monday, 15th

November, 2021

7 Auspicious Occasions Of Marriage In November

According to Hindu scriptures, from this day on, apart from marriage, all kinds of auspicious activities like griha pravesh, mundan

and yagyanopavit sanskar In Sanatan Dharma, marriage is considered to be one of the sixteen sanskars. Therefore, it is good to

get married only in auspicious occasions. According to Druk Panchang, there are 7 auspicious occasions of marriage this November.

It consists of 15th November, 16th November, 20th November, 21st November, 28th November, 29th November and 30th November

November 15, Monday

Auspicious Wedding Muhurat
Muhurat: 06:39 am to 06:03 am, November 16
Nakshatra: Uttar Bhadrapada, Revathi
Date: Dwadashi

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