Dinhata Trinamool MLA Udayan Graha alleges threatening by calling from private number

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Dinhata Trinamool MLA Udayan Graha on Thursday night on his way back from Kolkata to Kochbihar district threatened to call him from a private number

and threatened him and the Chief Minister of the state with dirty language He also complained that he received calls from private numbers in Hindi and English asking why

he had spoken against the BSF and then the Chief Minister of the state was attacked in obscene language. Behind the scenes, who or what is pointing to the BJP and telling Udayan Graha,

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I have understood that it is Hindi-speaking, but it is possible that there is no female leader or legislator of any party

How did they get the private number? They have done this by questioning the BSF monopoly

They have done this. It cannot be silenced in this way. The BSF has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning the BSF have been made more than once

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