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Finally Aryan Khan was out of jail after 26 days

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A copy of the bail order has reached Arthur Road jail from ndps court

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan has come out of jail after a gap of 26 days in connection with the Mumbai drugs case

AryanKhan had to spend another night in Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail as documents did not reach the jail administration in time even

after getting bail from the court. However, he came out of jail on Saturday. The bell box at Arthur Road jail was opened at 5.30am

today to get a court order. Shah Rukh Khan was present outside the jail to take Aryan

The jail authorities then opened the bail box outside Arthur Road jail around 5.30am on Saturday. A copy of Aryan Khan’s bail order

was also placed in the bail box yesterday. Jail officials said Aryan Khan is likely to be released from Arthur Road jail at 10am today

Actor Shah Rukh Khan had left for Arthur Road jail in Mumbai from his Mannat bungalow in Bandra before Aryan Khan’s release

Shah Rukh Khan’s fleet was then stopped at the fivestar near the jail. Shah Rukh Khan has now arrived out of jail to take Aryan Khan home from jail

The HC has laid down 14 conditions for Aryan’s bail. The conditions stated that Aryan Khan will not be able to leave Mumbai without

informing the police and will have to appear before the NCB every Friday. As per the bail order, they will have to deposit a personal caste bond of Rs 1 lakh and submit their passport

Aryan cannot leave the country without permission as per court conditions. Also Aryan cannot speak to friends and media like

Arbaaz Merchant and the accused in the case. Aryan will have to appear at the NCB office from 11am to 2pm on Friday. The

investigation will have to be assisted as per the requirement by attending the court hearing. As per the court order, in case of

violation of any of these conditions, the NCB will have the right to request cancellation of bail

Meanwhile, Aryan Khan will be welcomed in a grand manner in Mannat. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri have made all preparations to

bring a smile on Aryan’s face and make him happy in such a situation. The vows by Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are being

decorated with blue lights

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