karwa chauth 2021 date
karwa chauth 2021 date

Find out what is the reason for seeing the moon with a sieve in Karwa Chauth

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Every year, karvachauth is celebrated on the fourth day of krishna paksha of kartik month. On this day, women fast for the long life

of their husbands and in the evening they are prepared with 16 makeup and worship the moon. They give a longitude and look at

the moon with a sieve. Then, by tilaking the husband, touching their feet, they seek blessings and take water from the hands of the

husband. Then they open their fast. This time the karvachauth fast will be observed on Sunday, 24th October

karwa chauth 2021 date

Fastdate : 24Th October 2021, Day Sunday

Chaturthi Date Begins : 24th October 2021 sunday from 03.01 am

Chaturthi Date Ends : 25October 2021 at 05.43 am on Monday

Moon rise time : 8.7 pm

The practice of seeing the moon with such a sieve started

A moneylender is said to have had 7 sons and a daughter. Once the moneylender’s daughter observed karva chauth fast for her

husband’s longevity. But his condition began to deteriorate due to hunger. The seven brothers loved their only sister very much. He

did not see the condition of the sister. Before the moon came out, he placed a burning lamp behind the sieve under the cover of a

tree and said to his sister that the moon had come out. The sister took the light of the lamp in the sieve as the moon and opened

her fast by giving it a longitude. The brothers fraudulently opened their fourth fast. This angered Karwa Mata and soon her husband died

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Thereafter, the woman realized her mistake and apologized to her mother for her mistake and fasted on the Fourth of Krishna

Paksha in kartik month the following year. To avoid any deceit, he himself visited the Moon God with a sieve in his hand and a diya

in it. Then, her husband came alive. It is said that from then on, the tradition of looking at the moon with the sieve in hand has begun

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