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Matirkatha: Online application, registration license, app download, details 2022

Matir Kotha (Matir Kotha) is an online portal for agricultural solutions. Where all the farmer friends of West Bengal also get their various problems. Matir Kotha Net is the official website.

Matir Kotha web portal 2022 is displayed by the Department of Agriculture. Through this website all the farmers of West Bengal can talk about such different problems, the discussion is given to the farmers in different ways by the central government. Matirkathal Toll Free Number Farmers can report any problem to them such as cause of cultivation, any problem in fish farming, natural calamity etc. Boundary soil health cards, agricultural machinery farmers financial assistance etc. are worked by it.

 Soil Talk Portal All Services 2022

This is an agricultural departmental arrangement. All the services that farmers get through this portal.

You have to go to the official website to register for Vivinness.

Soil Talk Online Application 2022

To apply here you need to open or first.

Apply for Soil Online License 2022

Anyone or government can interpret fertilizer for soil maintenance, apply for an online license for the sale of seeds and pesticides on various crops.

Soil is an important license document

  • PAN card
  • Passport photo (JPEG format only)
  • Driver rules
  • Receipt of rent
  • Team
  • Some more important docs

Soil License Application Process 2022

For this you need to know beforehand what you will take the document for, its pesticide or something else. মাটির কথা

Step # 1: Click to learn about soil on official website

Step # 2: Next to it is “Online Systems”. Click on an option.

Step # 3: Login with username and password.

How to apply for  Soil License 2022

Download the PDF (PDF) so that you can apply for the law online.

Matir Kotha License PDF Download 

Soil talk-farmer talk app

The government is running an app called “Matir Kotha Krishaker Kotha” to talk to the farmers about the soil.

Do you want to download this app? Then go to the Google Play Store and talk about ” soil talk – farmer talk “.

The helpline number for the soil

If you have any questions, please call –

Matirkatha number:  18001031100

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