Narak Chaturdashi 2021 deepavali naraka chaturdashi 2021

The fourteenth day of the Krishna side of the month of Kartik is celebrated as Naraka Chaturdashi (Narak Chaturdashi 2021) or

Roop Chaturdashi. This time the festival will be celebrated on Wednesday, 3rd November. According to the scriptures, on this day

to get rid of the pain of hell, water is bathed with water, including the apamarga plant, by applying oil in the morning. This is

called abhyang bath

narak nivaran chaturdashi 2021 mein kab hai

Ujjain. On kartik krishna chaturdashi date, deepadan is performed in the evening for the happiness of Yamaraj. It was on this day

that Lord Krishna killed a demon named Narkasur. For this reason also it is called Hell Chaturdashi (Narak Chaturdashi 2021). It is

also known as Chhoti Deepawali as it is celebrated a day before Deepawali. Hanuman Pravatsav is also celebrated on this day at

some places i.e. Hanumanji was born on this date. Many more stories, beliefs and traditions are associated with this festival

The Story of Hell Chaturdashi

In ancient times there was a king named Rantideva. He was a very generous man. When yamdoots started taking them to hell when they died, they said, "I have always done charity and good deeds, so why do you want to take me to hell?"
The Yamdoots said that once the hungry Brahmin had returned empty from your door, you would have to go to hell. On hearing this, the king begged the Yamdoots to extend my age by one more year. That is what the Yamdoots did.
Then the king asked the sages how to get rid of this sin. The rishis said that you should fast on kartik krishna chaturdashi date and worship Sri Krishna. To give donations to Brahmins and ask for forgiveness for their crime. This will free you from sin. The king did so and Vishnu went to the people

The Story of Roop Chaturdashi

  • Once upon a time, a Yogiraj lived in a city called Hiranyagarbha in India. He wanted to concentrate his mind and be absorbed in God. They put up samadhi. Just a few days ago, his body was infested with insects. There were lice in the eyes, eyebrows and head hair. This made Yogiraj unhappy.
  • At the same time, Naradamuni came there. Yogiraj asked Naradamuni, “I was in samadhi, but why did I get this condition?” Then Naradaji said, O Yogiraj! You meditate on God, but you do not follow the conduct of the body. That is why you have this situation. Yogiraj asked Naradaji about body conduct
  • Narad Muni said, “It is no longer beneficial to know about body conduct. Do what I tell you first. This time on Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi you should worship And fast lord Krishna. By doing this, your body will become the same as before. Yogiraj did so and his body became as healthy and beautiful as before. From that day onwards, this chaturdashi is called Roop Chaturdashi

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