new rules from 1st november 2021
new rules from 1st november 2021

New Rules from 1st November: SBI banks, Whatsapp, trains have changed from today

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Today, since November 1, many rules related to your life have changed

Today, since 1st November, many rules related to your life have changed. LPG has become expensive. The Whatsapp has been

switched off on many phones since today. Customers will have to pay a charge for depositing and withdrawing money in banks.

The way gas is booked is also going to change. These rules are going to have a direct impact on your pocket and life. Let us know

what changes have taken place from today

Increased cylinder prices

Oil companies raise lpg cylinder prices on the first day of every month. Today, LPG gas cylinder has been increased by Rs 265. This

increase has been made in commercial cylinders. There is no change in the prices of domestic LPG. Now, the commercial cylinder

in Delhi has crossed Rs.2000. Earlier, it was Rs.1733. The 19 kg cylinder available in Mumbai for Rs 1683 will now be available for

Rs 1950. In Kolkata, the 19 kg Indane gas cylinder has now gone up to Rs 2073.50. 2133 for 19 kg cylinder in Chennai

BOB customers to pay charges

From 1st November today, banks will now have to pay charges for depositing and withdrawing their money. Bank of Baroda (BOB)

has started it. According to BOB, charges will have to be paid on withdrawal and deposit after a limit from November 1. Customers

will have to pay Rs 150 for the loan account.

According to the new rule, depositing money in a savings account thrice will be free but then depositing more than 3 times a month

will cost Rs 40. However, there is some relief to Jan Dhan account holders, they will not have to pay any fee for depositing more

than three times, in return they will have to pay Rs.100 for withdrawal

Special facility for pensioners starting SBI

SBI is launching a new facility for its customers from November 1. After which pensioners (Pensioners) will not have to go to the

bank to submit life certificate (Jeevan Praman Patra). As per the information provided by the bank on Twitter, any pensioner will be

able to submit his life certificate (Life Certificate) through video call from November 1

Train time table to change

From today, Indian Railways has changed the time table of trains across the country. In fact, these changes were already decided

Earlier it was scheduled to take place from October 1 but later it was extended to November 1. There are 13,000 passenger trains

and 7,000 goods trains. Moreover, the timings of about 30 Rajdhani trains in the country have changed

Gas cylinder scan should be OTP

As per the new rule that changes the way gas cylinders are taken from today, customers will be sent to their registered mobile

number se OTP after booking the gas. No one will be booked without OTP. Customers will be able to deliver cylinders only after

informing them OTP the delivery boy who delivers the cylinder home. State that customers who provide wrong address and mobile

number may suffer under the new cylinder delivery policy. Companies have already advised all customers to update their names,

addresses and mobile numbers

Open schools from today

Schools will be reopened (Schools Reopening) for all classes in the national capital Delhi (Delhi) from Monday, November 1

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia (Manish Sisodia) asked schools to continue online classes for students not attending

physical classes

These mobiles will be switched off from November 1 WhatsApp

WhatsApp will be switched off on many phones from today. From November 1, 2021, WhatsApp will only work on smartphones that

will work on Android 4.1 (or more), iOS 10 (or more), KaiOS 2.5.0 (or more)

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