Taliban fighters with weapons on the streets of Kabul. (File photo)
Taliban fighters with weapons on the streets of Kabul. (File photo)

Pakistan and Us sign agreement for intelligence operation in Afghanistan

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US Pakistan Deal on Afghanistan: The report quoted a source as saying that talks are still underway in Pakistan and the US and

details of the agreement are yet to be finalized

New Delhi. Pakistan is entering into an agreement with the US on the use of its airspace for intelligence operations in Taliban-ruled

Afghanistan. CNN News reported this. But hours after the report was published, the Pakistan Foreign Office issued a statement in

Pakistan and Us sign agreement

this regard and denied the news.

A Pakistan government spokesman said on a formal agreement to use Pakistan’s airspace to conduct military and intelligence

operations in Afghanistan, the Us said no such talks were taking place

Pakistan denies deal

The Pakistan Foreign Office clarified that there is no such discussion between the two countries. The spokesman however stressed

that talks between Washington and Islamabad for regional security and cooperation to combat terrorism have been ongoing for a

long time. He said both sides are engaged in consultations with each other on regional security

What CNN said in its report

In fact, CNN News in its report on October 22 cited three sources familiar with the details of a classified briefing with members of

the U.S. Congress and said the Biden administration has informed U.S. lawmakers that the country is close to entering into a formal

agreement with Pakistan for the use of its airspace for operations in Afghanistan

According to Pakistan news portal Dawn, cnn’s report claimed that Pakistan had expressed its willingness to sign a Memorandum of

Understanding in exchange for help in its counter-terrorism operations and assistance in managing relations with India. According

to a source, negotiations are still underway and details of the agreement, which have not yet been decided, still have room for

change, the report said

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