Sanak Movie Review: Vidyut’s fans and action addicts have film,

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Sanak Review: The film may go ahead with vidyut jamwal’s action scenes but here the real craze is seen in terror leader Chandan Roy.

Sanak Movie Review: The film begins with the intention of wanting a hero-heroine child who has been married for three years but reaches the hospital, to tell an action story. The craze doesn’t take long and comes directly to the point that there will be less talk and more of a fuss, a bang, a kick-and-punch. This is the identity of Vidyut Jamwal’s films. Vidyut has made a hollywood action star-style identity in Bollywood in which he himself enters the fray. Let your scenes design themselves. The body does not keep double.

So the matter becomes more reliable and interesting. But the problem is that there is nothing new in the story of his films. That’s what’s preventing them from moving forward for a long time. The same thing has happened in the craze. Sadly, Vidyut does not do anything different from his previous action films here, which you call a craze. Neither at work nor in character. In such a situation, the film is only for viewers who are either vidyut fans or who need nothing but action in the film.

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Craze heroine Anshika (Rukmini Maitra) has undergone a major, expensive but successful surgery in the hospital. All right and now Vivaan (Vidyut Jamwal) is in the process of bringing him home. Here, anshika is a few hours away from coming out only when terrorists enter the hospital. Whose leader is Saju (Chandan Roy Sanyal). Terrorists take patients, nurses, doctors hostage in the hospital. What is the mission of these terrorists and what they want. It opens up to the government/police, the same story. Here the police (Neha Dhupia) are forced to face the terrorists due to hostages. But Vivaan is on the ground floor of the nine-storey hospital and is worried about Anshika. How will he save Anshika and the rest of the people. That’s what the craze tells.

Released on Disney Hotstar, the film disappoints in its plot. Recently, a series like ‘Mumbai Diaries: 26/11’ on OTT was released on the entry of terrorists into the hospital and the hostage drama, which is closer to the truth, both dramatically and in reality. Creates thrills. Similarly, disney hotstar has two seasons of the web series ‘Hostages’, which are exciting. Many other such series are available to viewers on mobile. Now if a director-actor has something to say on the plot of the hostage drama, he will have to bring in new content, new ideas and new dramas. Craze is very backward in this case.

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The story of the craze runs at a fast pace and everything ends in 117 minutes. The problem with the film is that the writer-director has focused less on the thrill of the hostage drama and more on the action scenes of Vidyut. So there is no occasion in the film when the audience’s breath gets stuck. On the other hand, Vidyut’s better action commandos are in the series of films. There is usually no chance for heroines in their films and here is the same thing. Neha Dhupia disappoints as Inspector Jayanti Bhargava. There is no graph of his character. In her first to last scene, she lives what she was. His performance as a helpless police officer is also not seen before the terrorists. Rukmini Maitra didn’t get much chance. Chandan Sanyal becomes a terrorist leader if a character leaves a little shine in the entire story.

Cruelty drips from their faces and their dialogue delivery is also great. But the writer-director did not work hard to make them stand up to the power. Heroes and villains are competing in conversation without facing each other here, but there is no dialogue between them that can be used to crack the craze. Ironically, the craze here is more visible in sandalwood than in electricity. Watching the film you know what’s going to happen next. The camera work is definitely good and the action scenes in the boundary wall of the hospital have been finely designed. The music of the film does not leave a mark. Watch this movie if you have enough free time and the power action entertains you. Otherwise you have a lot of options on this Dussehra OTT

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