Singer Malavika got married
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Star Singer Malavika sundar who married a younger man than him

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Singer Malavika got married. She took seven steps with businessman Ashwin Kashyap and the marriage became special

The reason is that Ashwin is younger than Malavika at the age

Making a young age has become a trend in the glamour industry. Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka chopra) is married to Nick Jonas, who

is ten years younger than her. Why is superstar Mahesh (Mahesh babu) nearly five years younger than wife Namrata. In

Bollywood, item bomb Malaika Arora dates Arjun Kapoor, who is 15 years younger. The latest lady singer is married to a younger

than her

super singer malavika sundar marriage

Malavika Sundar (malavika sunder) of Super Singer fame is married to entrepreneur Ashwin Kashyap Raghuraman. Ashwin is

younger than Malavika at the age. Their wedding photos are currently buzzing on social media. Started a new life with three thorns

While Malavika is known as a playback singer in the Tamil Super Singer Show. Malavi, who is famous for the show, has received

many opportunities in Tamil and Telugu. Malavika, who has earned a special recognition for herself by taking the opportunity, has so

far sung over 200 songs in Telugu. The singer who recently told fans that she is going to marry a younger person than her. She said

that marriage has no work with age, and that if the two understand and respect each other, they should do the same

Singer Malavika and Ashwin’s wedding photos have gone viral on the internet. Fans are best informed when they learn the news of

their favourite singer’s wedding. The newlyweds are being blessed on the social media platform

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