varudu kaavalenu
varudu kaavalenu

varudu kaavalenu finaly release

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“From the beginning, I strongly believed in the story of ‘Groom’. Our film was well liked by the family audience who came to the

theaters. I am glad that my belief in the story is real,” said Nagashaurya. He is the hero of lakshmisaujanya’s directorial venture

varudu kaavalenu. Rituvarman is the heroine of the story. Suryadeva Nagavanshi is the producer. Recently, the audience came

varudu kaavalenu

forward. On this occasion, the film crew held a victory ceremony in Hyderabad. Nagashaurya said, “There is a growing talk that the

film is good. There are many people behind this success. My thanks to all of them. I’m far from lover boy image. Because I want to

act in all kinds of stories and roles as a hero. The film is closer to the family audience.” The director said, “The emotions we

thought in the story were on the screen. The family is coming to the theatres and enjoying our film

varudu kaavalenu movies

Nagashaurya’s contribution to me will not be forgotten. I feel lucky to work in Sitara’s company. In the future, we will do films with

family entertainment.” The producer said, “The audience in theaters is increasing for every game as the film is good.Thank you to

varudu kaavalenu varudu kaavalenu trailer

nagashaurya, the hero who brought a new director and gave success to our company.” Speech writer Ganesh Ravuri, actors

Praveen, Himaja, Arjun, dance director Vijay, lyricist Gosala Rambabu and others participated in the event

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