Voter Id Card Correction Online 2021 how to correction in my voter id card online

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Voter cards act as documents for our various tasks. Our voter card also works as a proof of age or as a proof of name. Not only that, we can also use voter cards as identity cards for various purposes.

how to correction in my voter id card online

Now the question is if our voter card is damaged or the picture of the voter card is not properly understood. Or if we are old or spelled with a name on a voter card, the spelling of father’s name is wrong, how to correct it.

Now you can easily correct your hand voter card with your mobile phone and get a beautiful new voter card instead. Follow the steps below online how to correct voter cards

1) First you need to visit the official website of the voter card

Website Link:-

2) Then log in by clicking on Log In/Register.
3) Then click on Correction Details and move forward by installing the voter card number of the person whose voter card is corrected.
4) Then select the options for your voter card, and submit the correct name spelling, date of birth, address, father’s name/husband’s name, picture, etc. below.
5) Then you will get a reference number. The number with which you can check your status later is whether the voter card has been corrected.

Link to check voter card status:

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