World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day

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On World AIDS Day, first of all, remove this thing from the mind that it is an untouchable disease. Awareness and knowledge is the only way to prevent AIDS. Today we will know here some important things related to AIDS.

World AIDS Day is on 1 December. AIDS is a dangerous disease, basically, through unprotected sex, AIDS bacteria enter the body. This disease is detected after a long time and the patients are also not aware of the HIV test, so the illusion of other diseases remains. The full name of AIDS is ‘Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome’. It was first discovered in 1981 in New York when some homosexual sex enthusiasts went to the doctor for their treatment. Even after treatment, the disease persisted and the patient could not survive. So the doctors tested and saw that their immunity was over. Then there was research on it, by then it had spread tremendously in many countries and it was named AIDS.

What is HIV/AIDS?

AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV. It is only after about 12 weeks of infection that blood tests show that the virus has entered the body. Such a person is called HIV positive. An HIV-positive person appears normal for many years (6 to 10 years) and can lead a normal life, but is able to spread the disease to others.

This virus is mainly

Affects T cells and brain cells present in the blood, which protect the body from external diseases and gradually destroys them. After a few years (6 to 10 years), this condition occurs that the body is unable to defend itself from the germs of common diseases and starts falling prey to various types of infections. This condition is called AIDS.

How is AIDS disease spread?

  • by sexual contact with an infected person
  • By using infected syringes and needles by others
  • HIV. infected organ transplant
  • from an HIV-infected mother to the infant before, at the time of delivery, or shortly after delivery

doesn’t spread like that

The disease does not spread through normal relations with an infected person such as shaking hands, eating food together, drinking the same bottle of water, using the same bed and clothing, living in the same house, using the same toilet.

prevention of aids

Do not have sex with anyone other than your life partner.

  • Use a barrier during sexual contact.

Do not use syringes and needles used by a drug addict.

Women with AIDS should not conceive because the child born to them can get this disease.

  • Do not take blood of unknown person when there is a need for blood and only take HIV tested blood for safe blood. Use only disposable syringes and needles and other medical equipment that have been sterilized by boiling them in water for 20 minutes, and do not use blades used by another person at all
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Symptoms after HIV infection

Symptoms of various diseases develop in an HIV positive person after 7 to 10 years, in which these symptoms are prominently visible:-

  • Swollen nodules in the throat or armpits
  • Decreased diarrhea for several weeks in a row
  • fever for several weeks
  • coughing for weeks
  • unexplained weight loss
  • sores in the mouth
  • Painful and itchy rash on the skin

HIV infection cannot be detected just by looking at a person, unless a blood test is done.

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