samaj sathi prokolpo
samaj sathi prokolpo

You will get 2 lakh rupees in the Samaj Sathi Prokolpo See details

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With the support of the Government of West Bengal, this insurance scheme is being implemented in the

districtin a well-planned

manner for the purpose of providing safety by accident insurance to members or members of self-help groups (up to the age of 18-60 years).

The project has been implemented by the Self-Employment Corporation under the Department of Self-Reliance and Self-Employment

Under this scheme, each self-help group member will get free accident insurance services up to a maximum of Rs. 200,000 / – per annum

The benefits of this Accident Insurance Scheme –

1) Self-help group members will get free insurance services of Rs. 2,00,000.
2) In case of accidental death, partial loss, complete loss, this insurance plan service will be available.
3) If you are admitted to the hospital due to an accident, you will get free medical treatment up to Rs.
4) Free treatment up to Rs 5,000 will be available for day care department treatment due to accident.

5) In case of hospitalization, help will be available for 100 rupees per day (maximum 30 days).
8) In case of accidental death up to Rs. 2,500 / – for funeral and additional Rs.
6) Additional assistance of Rs.

What is meant by self-help group?

A group of 10-20 people recognized by the state government, each of whom can avail loans from banks through small savings.

The things outside the scope of insurance plan are as follows

Hospital list check link: – check

1) Intentionally hurting yourself.
2) Accidents due to alcohol and intoxication.
3) War or nuclear danger.
4) Accidents associated with criminal activities.
5) Accidents for flying, flying balloons, climbing mountains.
6) Accident for participating in motor car competition

Do self-help group members have to pay any insurance premium?


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